Here is the average cost of rent in major Canadian cities for March 2021


British Columbia and Ontario continue to be the most expensive provinces to rent a room or rooms in Canada.

The two provinces lead the list when it comes to the 10 most expensive rental markets.

While Vancouver has overtaken Toronto as the most expensive rental market in Canada, both cities have seen prices drop significantly since the same period last year.

Alberta’s major cities managed to avoid the top ten, with Calgary and Edmonton ranking 17th and 20th respectively, both down several places from the same period last year.

In Calgary, one-bedroom units cost an average of $ 1,100 per month, while in Edmonton, the average cost of a one-bedroom house is $ 930.

On the east coast, Halifax leads the way at # 13 with one-bedroom units at $ 1,300 and two-bedroom units at $ 1,680.

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<p dir=Overall, nine cities saw rental prices rise, while six remained stable and nine others saw rates falling.

One-bedroom units in Abbotsford saw the highest monthly growth rate in the country, jumping 4.8% to $ 1,310.

Meanwhile, Montreal fell from the top 10 and into 11th position with one bedroom rent down 1.4% to $ 1,360.

“Rents in the rest of the country appear to have stabilized as the first pandemic months of double-digit year-over-year declines nationwide have passed and are now only concentrated in the two markets. the most expensive, ”says the Padmapper report.

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