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Saving tips in and around the house: saving money on heating costs

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When the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, it may be good to look at saving money on heating costs. Perhaps you are now unnecessarily more expensive and you can save many euros!


Saving money on heating costs


Saving money on heating costs


You can not escape it in winter: costs for heating your house. And did you know that you can often save a lot of money? We often pay more than necessary or are not alert to unnecessary consumption. With our handy tips for saving money on heating costs, you are not only doing well for your wallet, but also for the environment!


Tips for saving money on heating costs


Tips for saving money on heating costs

Do you also consider mapping your consumption and hopefully reducing it? With the tips below you save money!

Step 1: map your consumption
By finding out how much money you actually spend on heating costs, you have a clear starting point and see immediately whether you pay too much. To map your consumption you can use a handy app, for example, that many energy suppliers offer. This way it is immediately easier to see where you could save on!

Step 2: can it be a tad less?
In winter it is comfortable to set the heating as high as possible when it is cold outside. But it is not always necessary. Are you going out the door like that? Do not switch on the heating. Are you at home and is it a little fresh? Then put on a warm sweater! You will see that you quickly save money on your heating costs.

Step 3: smart use of floor carpets
A floor of stone or tiles can quickly feel cold. You can quickly solve this by placing warm rugs on the floor: in front of your bed, under the dining table and in the seating area. This way you keep warm feet and the cold stays away.

Step 4: take a shorter shower
Long and warm showers also contribute to high energy bills. Especially the heating of the water is dur, so shower a little less warm and less long!
Step 5: maintenance of your boiler
Some people do not check their boiler regularly to save costs, but this is counterproductive. Make sure you have your central heating boiler checked every year to ensure that everything works and that heat is not unnecessarily lost for a high price.

Step 6: install floor heating
If you have the resources for it then it pays to install underfloor heating. Your house stays warm for so much longer and you never have cold feet again! An efficient way of heating.

Step 7: Isolate radiators
It is a shame if half of your heat is lost. Therefore, make sure that you apply insulating foil between your radiator and the wall. In addition, make sure that there are no curtains in front of your radiator, as they stop the heat.

Step 8: insulate your house
In addition to your radiators, good insulation is of course beneficial throughout the house. If it is advisable to place a draft strip, only replace glass with double glazing if necessary and check whether you can better insulate certain walls. In the long term, the investment will pay off.

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