Open a Current Account in the Netherlands




Opening a current account in the Netherlands can be an excellent and safe investment opportunity for your money, given the excellent economic situation in the country. Specifically, it is advisable to refer to ABN AMRO , a bank that has recently become entirely state-owned. The current account in this institution does not provide for start-up and termination costs: the management is easy and not expensive, since all operations can be performed via the Internet; transfers are also free in the entire euro area.

The only cost required is a fee of 2 euros and 75 cents to be paid each month, and which has to do with the availability of the credit card (which is provided when the account is opened). The account can be opened remotely (even if the bank has branches in almost every part of the world), and for those who do not live in the Netherlands it requires an initial payment of not less than 25 thousand euros.


Start-up and termination costs

Start-up and termination costs

At the time of signing the contract , the bank must be provided with a copy of a statement of account of a current account which the applicant already possesses, together with a request for an account to be opened. There is also a need to provide a copy of the passport or identity card (the copy must be authenticated and then certified by the Prefecture). Together with the address and the proof of residence (for example with a bill), the applicant must also provide documentation that establishes the origin of the money (for example a work contract) in case he wants to associate a deposit account with the current account .

All documents must be sent to ABN AMRO Bank International Clients 2500CM Den Haag Po Box 19507 The Netherlands. Within a short time, you will receive a signed contract to be returned to your home address. As mentioned, all operations can be carried out via the Internet , thanks to services available in English: in this way, you can manage your finances wherever you are in the world. ABN AMRO was evaluated by the Geldgids van de Consumenten (the National Consumer Money Guide) the best bank among those that offer a web service, obtaining in January 2011 a score of 9.4 out of a total of 10.

The current account can be managed directly from your smartphone or tablet thanks to the Mobile Banking applications , the version for mobile Internet Banking devices: through the app, customers can monitor their balance, transfer money and execute transactions. Not only: you can receive messages from the bank directly on your smartphone (for example, when the interest rate changes, you receive an immediate communication), so as to be updated in real time. Every operation is carried out with the utmost respect for safety by virtue of the use of an identification code, necessary to have access to Mobile Banking (in Dutch, Mobiel Bankieren).


As you can see, opening a current account in the Netherlands is simple and fast, thanks to the possibility of managing each operation online : relying on ABN AMRO means putting your money safe.



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