Financing, Sportiness … In Installments

The financial company that provides financing for the purchase of Alfa Romeo � Sava cars. The credit is provided on all the models of the home of the snake, from the compact Mito and 147 to the average Giulietta to the 159 saloon and Sportwagon, to the fascinating Spiders and the sports Brera and 8C.


Fixed-rate financing features

Fixed-rate Alfa Romeo financing features

Sava provides Fiat and its customers with the “My Credit” solution for new cars and “Used financing” for second-hand cars. Both are conventional fixed-rate financing. Therefore it is known in advance what the burden to be sustained for the installments will be and no economic hardship due to the maxima present in other loans. The contract lasts from one year to five (for used cars) and up to six for new cars.
The interest rates are contained thanks to the succession of offers at a zero rate and TAEG just over 1.5%. The funding does not only cover the purchase of the car but a whole series of products that can be included: there are products related to theft risks such as crystal markings and bodywork with indelible innovative techniques (Sava DNA) and supplementary theft insurance ( that joins the one that the customer will stipulate on his own account), or the use and any mechanical breakdowns, especially for used cars, and roadside assistance and the trailer to the nearest workshop.
The loan can be insured, optionally, with an additional policy that covers the customer in case of impossibility to pay one or more installments.


Who can request fixed-rate loans?

Who can request fixed-rate Alfa Romeo loans?

Sava grants its loans to employees and retirees, who must present pay slips or payslips, and self-employed and freelancers, who must present a copy of the last tax return presented.
For non-EU citizens it is mandatory to have a valid residence permit and a copy of the latest water, electricity and gas bills paid. 

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